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Rwanda Drill Project

CHUK, Kigali

In January 2015, with our partner, Medtronic, the Randwood Foundation provided 2 high speed electric drills for neurosurgical procedures to the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK). Our team conducted trainings with local healthcare providers and professionals and now provides tactical support and surveillance to ensure sustainability of use. 


Starzak Chemistry Fellowship

Binghamton University, NY 

In honor of Michael E. Starzak and his contribution to the Binghamton University Chemistry department, the Starzak Summer Fellowship, incepted in 2012, is a $3,000 grant awarded yearly to an undergraduate student working in Binghamton’s Chemistry Department and participating in intensive research activities.


University of Rwanda Support

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Randwood Foundation, in January of 2015, donated six laptop computers for use by the Deans of the Medical College. The University of Rwanda and its excellent staff at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences embody all that Randwood works to achieve. They strive to train not only future doctors, nurses, dentists, and health care professionals, but also active citizens. The Randwood Foundation is committed to supporting the University according to existing need and is in the process of constructing a new bathhouse for the campus, as well as raising scholarship money for new and existing students. Our relationship with the University is ongoing and we hope to develop many more projects to assist them in their goals. 


Bwindi Community Hospital Support


In June of 2014, the Randwood Foundation made a charitable donation to the Bwindi Community Hospital to cover operating expenses for a period of 3 months and to employ and house 2 new midwife-nurses on site. The Randwood Foundation appealed to local healthcare professionals and hospital staff who identified these issues as requiring priority assistance. Work with the Bwindi Community Hospital is ongoing as we gain a better understanding of their needs and limitations in an effort to better target our assistance. 


Rwanda Microscope Project

In Development...

The Randwood Foundation, with new insights from the Rwanda Drill Project, aims to provide state of the art operative magnification for neurosurgical procedures at CHUK in Kigali, Rwanda. We are in the process of acquiring a hi-tech operative microscope and developing a plan for sustainable use and maintenance. 

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